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Monday, May 23, 2022

Review: THE LANGUAGE OF ROSES by Heather Rose Jones


Book Details

Title: The Language of Roses
Author: Heather Rose Jones
Publisher: Queen of Swords Press
Publication Date: April 14, 2022
Genre(s): Adult, LGBT, Fantasy, Retelling
Pages: 216
Bookshop Purchase Link: https://bookshop.org/a/67041/9781734360363

Reading Details

Finish Date: April 27, 2022
Format: Physical
Representation: Lesbian, Aromantic
Trigger/Content Warnings: Violence, abuse

Rating: 5/5

Favorite Quote/Scene: 
The ending fight scene (trying not to spoil it is hard, but that chapter was just amazing!)

All I ever needed to know about this book was that it was an aromantic version of Beauty and the Beast. I was hooked. I needed to read this book and see how everything was going to play out. I am so very, very thankful to the publishers of this book, Queen of Swords Press, for sending me a copy of this book for me to read and review.

One thing that I need to discuss about this book is the writing style. It is easily one of the most unique book formats that I’ve ever read and I have thoughts about it. For context, this book switches from a sort of narrator/third-person point of view, to a third-person point of view revolving around Grace, and then to Alys’ first-person POV. It took me a bit to get used to at first. I struggled to tell who I was focusing on, but it got easier as time went on and it actually became an amazing way of telling the story. It kept giving more information while teasing other information that was just on the fringes. I really enjoyed it and while I’m sure the book could have been told in a different format, this one feels like the best way to tell it.

I am making a note here for you to excuse my use of the word narrating. It’s not quite right, but I’m really not sure what to call the third point of view that we encounter without spoiling something in the book.

This book feels very hard not to spoil when trying to gush about it. I want to watch my words, but my words are refusing to be contained. But I’ll try. The way the author wrote the emotions of these characters was absolutely amazing. From joy to fear to nervousness to everything else these characters experienced. I was constantly hooked on these characters and wanting to know more and more, wanting to read just one more chapter. These characters had emotions that suited the situations they found themselves in and I found it stunningly written.

I also genuinely liked Alys and Grace. They were both interesting characters that were clearly trying to help others even if they knew that it might not be the best outcome for themselves. I also really liked their interactions with each other, I just thought it was sweet.

I’ll admit that there were other characters that I didn’t like as much, these were characters that I’m sure others didn’t like either. I would be very interested to see discussions around these characters though, especially since it would mean not having to be wary of serious story spoilers. There were also a couple of people that I would have loved to know more about. They were characters that were only really mentioned, not ones that we really got to spend a lot of time with and I’d love more with them.

I’ll be honest: this book flew past every expectation that I had of it. It stunned me with how powerfully it tied me to these characters and I absolutely loved it. I need more from this author! I know that she has other works that have been published and I need to see if my library has access to any of them. I would also love to see the author write another book in the same universe/written similarly to this one.

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